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Beau Shelby

Beau Shelby-Mesa Lonestar Rhythm Demo

George Duke: Awesome hang at a live gig via Youtube

One thing that has always amazed me about George Duke is the richness and flow of the harmonic concepts UNDERNEATH all of his prolific comping and improvisation. Yea! He was a master at creating his own atmosphere , altogether , out of which he would project all these wonderful ideas we've all fallen in love with hearing for so many years.
This video captures a lot more of that particular thing , bringing the other players more into the fore throughout the entire performance and working kind of "underneath it all" then-abruptly- rushing forth himself to fill out the various manual effects he was quietly building on the whole time while someone else played.

Ditto for Herbie Hancock, too

He will always be missed.
Beau Shelby

Promise!: The 80's Were *NOT* That "One Thing" You Thought.

    Al Jarreau - vocals, vocal arrangements
    Jay Graydon - producer, arranger, engineer, guitar, synthesizer
    George Duke - piano, arranger
    David Foster - keyboards, string arrangements
    Michael Boddicker - synthesizer
    Billy Byers - strings, arrangements
    Steve Lukather - guitar
    Dean Parks - guitar
    Abraham Laboriel - bass
    Michael Omartian - synthesizer, Rhodes
    Milcho Leviev - piano, arranger
    Jeff Porcaro - drums
    Steve Gadd - drums
    Chuck Findley - trumpet
    Jerry Hey - trumpet, horn arrangements
    Lon Price - alto saxophone
    Bill Reichenbach Jr. - trombone




Zimmerman Verdict: What I Would Say To The Masses Affected By It

1.DO NOT BELIEVE THE MEDIA!-They're the ones who have nurtured and sustained the stench of this operation for as long as possible since it was put into effect over a year ago.

To wit: In my personal view it is nothing more or less than a meticulously planned and *MAGICALLY* well-funded O-P-E-R-A-T-I-O-N set up to bring about a specific set of results via mass disturbance stemming from the mentally abusive aggravation of a large number of people. The 'target goal" is to upset them for , little do they know , the glaring twistedness of the whole ordeal won't sit right with the SPIRITUAL side of anyone who is aware of it taking place no matter which side of the issue they seem to be on.

Hence, naturally induced , intense aggravation is widespread in a snap. Now all someone -namely THE MEDIA- has to do is step in and "fan the flames" and P-O-O-F! We're off on something that benefits only the legalists who instigated it in the first place.

Someone has a lot riding on making sure that there is no peace between us no matter what method is used to disrupt it.

They benefit greatly , both by the focus being taken off of themselves A-N-D any collateral benefits such as -FILLING UP GUANTANAMO and probably 1000 other "security camp" type locations in order to make Wall Street investors a lot of money from their investment(s) in the U.S. Prison industry , Law Enforce Suppliers and scores of other services that support that industry.

2. DO NOT LET ANY ONE PERSON OR ANY ONE EVENT-no matter how tragically twisted it may appear-blind you from being able to see how desperately people of all nationalities , pedigrees and persuasions NEED EACH OTHER MORE THAN EVER BEFORE.

I urge every concerned citizen who is upset by this dehumanizing mockery of the entire heritage of American Law to make their feelings known by working MUCH HARDER and GIVING MUCH MORE OF THEMSELVES in order to DRAW CLOSER to those

around you. TAKE THE BALL THE OTHER WAY FOR A TOUCHDOWN on this one. See what they come up with for THAT!

That's pretty much what I would say to the Family , Friends  and Supporters of -not only Trayvon Martin-but every single person directly or indirectly denied American Citizenship by the madness of the "Sanhedrin" we still erringly refer to as our "Justice System"

Beau Shelby

Original first.-An Up-Close Look At "Ballads" by John Coltrane

So- You've made the decision to be truly serious about jazz - at least for a while -and you're looking around for the most beneficial effective learning tools that will help you  get where you wanna be with it in the shortest amount of time -or something like that?

Here's JUST what the Dr. ordered.

Ballads is a classic John Coltrane LP recorded in 1962 by renown studio engineer Rudy Van Gelder who recorded thousands of jazz sessions , including many widely recognized as classics in a career spanning more than half a century.

He worked with many record companies, but he is most closely associated with Blue Note Records, now a division of EMI.

Moving along: In a nut shell you get back according to what you put into it.

Sound familiar?

I suggest giving this album priority on your playlist for at least a couple of hours a week in sessions that are at least 20 to 30 minutes in length.

Keep it up for a minimum of six months

Just let it soak in and gradually find your way to anything that particularly appeals to you in some way or another.

That's it... :) 

The rest will come from the time and effort  you invest  in gradually manifesting what you're getting out of it.

The easiest way to quantify that is ,of course, by way of playing it on your own instrument and even "borrowing" licks to add to your own personal repertoire.

It should be FUN , aight!?!? Happy pluckin' y'all Enjoy! Beau Shelby

Roy Hargrove Quintet- "Close Your Eyes"

The Roy Hargrove Quintet is fast becoming one of my personal favorites as of late.

Reason: They're downright Stealth!

That and the fact that Drummer Montez Coleman is one of coolest of the homies to jam with.

As I watched this video I thought of how what a great teaching aid it would be when explaining the finer points of

of modern drumming across all genre's.

Point One-Playing Small: Taking a simple groove and , basically incubating or "pressurizing" it at a low level in relation to whomever or whatever is being featured at the moment and then working outward from that point to a beautifully focused crescendo that makes the whole effort shine just that much more.

Point Two- REALLY working your cymbals and other alternate percussive devices as opposed to just hitting them all very loudly and very often ...BIG difference!

Enough about me and my thoughts ... check them out in this killer performance of "Close Your Eyes"


Donald Fagen On Letterman Last Night!

PBS footage from Music Of Tennesse feat.Casey Wasner

Nowadays , Acoustic instruments w/ vocals are often added much like an "ingredient" to just about any old thing.

Only once in a while do they come together as convincingly as this beautiful song titled Happy To Find performed by Casey Wasner.

Just awesome is what it is.


Thinking Outside The Box About Jam Sessions-

Look at a typical bandstand or stage where you might go to aparticipate in a jam session.

Look again , only this time look at it the way you do a  Facebook page.

You can quickly see how the the highest form of engaging content that can be "posted" there would be , of course , a really great band.

Now , take a look at all the different kinds of content that are MOST LIKELY plastered into every square inch of the visible space.

Ask yourself: If these folks had any respect for music WHATSOEVER would they have all these shitty alcohol ads and NOISY NEON that actually can be heard throughout a band's performance?

So , if you decide to invite me to your jam , the first thing I'll be looking for is whether or not the stage is clean and free of all that clutter.

If it's not---I'll probably not be showing up to play.

And there you have it ...So, now you know it's not personal in the slightest.

It's just common sense.

Beau Shelby

PR Firms and The Music In

Music Biz Facts:  PR firms are a DIRECT DESCENDENT of the  "Propaganda Mills" utilized against the United States  and their Allies in previous World Wars and other International conflicts... you can probably guess their geographic origins if you're not afraid to, at least, admit you have have a pulse.

With just a quick look at the self-authored "About" section of random firms you'll find their mission statement(s) bear a striking  similarity , although they may be worded differently.

"We help create awareness, influence public attitudes and, hopefully, change behavior"... is the usual by-line.

I find that very interesting in a most chilling way.

It's virtually the precise by-line of PSYOPS ( Google  it) as it would apply to INDIVIDUALS and smaller entities such as Indie artists and labels who pose a competitive threat to their PR clientele.


Looking further into their lists of connections and affiliates one can easily see a far-flung web of negative campaigning, the likes of which even Presidential elections would barely surpass.

The most important thing to remember is that its’ effectiveness depends on YOU in every way.

Another important thing to remember is that the more you help it along, the more effective it will be when it becomes YOUR TURN at either being the “target” or simply being recalled as being untrustworthy if the tables should happen to turn as they often do.

If you happen to be comfortable with living with a mob mentality or you’re simply afraid to do the right thing by others, then by all means –disregard this message , it’s not “for you” at this time.

Carry On , Beau Shelby

Weird But Effective Guitar Practice #1

Perhaps you're a dedicated player that's always looking for ways to improve your overall abilities and you just happen not to be "touring" this weekend.

Here's a great way to pass the time and get the added bonus of coming out of it with a much better command of your very own personal manual effects vocabulary.

1.Pick some tunes-A recent set list , random favorites , whatever.

2. Using ONLY THE LOW STRINGS (E,A,D) and playing ONLY FROM THE 5th FRET and downward, RE-LEARN the same songs as best you can with an emphasis on finding and correctly identifying intervals so you can transfer them into real-time playing.

You'll be amazed at all the cool riffs and patterns that will begin to emerge , slowly at first , then with increasing rapidity.

3.Develop solo's for each one using the same set of restrictions.

4.Go out and be just that little bit more "Bad-To-The-Bone" each time you find a chance to spend a little time with it.

Happy Pluckin' Y'all

"Opinionated A** Musicians"? (Overplaying Your Fame/Grammy Status)

No matter how many Grammy's you've got , you can't issue such a statement (smart-ass remark?) without placing yourself in the exact same category as you've placed the person (or persons) you're referring to.

It is nothing more than an ignorantly placed "opinion" in and of itself.

At best it is a self-portrayal that speaks to how unbearably ARROGANT you are in spite of constantly invoking "God" in all your evil-doing.

Get a grip.

Toot your horn (literally) about something else before all of your well- polished  pseudo "Godliness" washes away entirely.

I, for one , will NEVER support any artist -no matter how "big" or "well-known" -who is simply "basic" (read: STUPID)in the area of having respect for other free citizens' right to hold their own views and opinions no matter what.

The cowardly individual who said it knows who they are and I welcome them to challenge my "opinionated-ass" rebuttal anytime they can muster the courage to *ahem* MAN UP and do so.

Lee Ritenour's "The Village" Re-mix contest.

It was fun and challenging. Got a minute? I'd say give it a shot ... It features Stanley Clarke , George Duke , Dave Weckl and a host of other top notch players in addition to Lee himself.  Check out my entry here and VOTE! Thanks.

You're off and running with your musical improvement regimen , whatever it may entail , and ...oops! what's this?

Something about "cadence" ...hmmm?

You look into it and find the usual somewhat understandable , but , nearly useless examples that most of us find at first.

You look at them , listen to some clips and figure  "OK . I'm cool on that" and you move on feeling that you've pretty much covered that, right?

Well ... There are many musicians who've done some pretty spectacular things with cadences.

Keith Jarret is one of the most notable ones that I'm personally  aware of.

I encourage you to take a listen to this particular example.

The reason I chose it is because it's  a fairly easy one to follow for everyone from beginner to advanced.

Once you've got the hang of just how much you can do with cadences you can branch out and apply the same

view as you listen to other widely renown legends like: Red Garland , Wynton Kelly , Herbie Hancock , Bob James  ,

George Duke ,Joe Sample and so on.


Noowww you're getting somewhere ...

Happy pluckin' y'all

Beau Shelby

Absolutely ...!  (spoken in a rich , serene baritone ...kinda "smokey-like"...)   

Charlie Wilson pushes the envelope.

Eloquence becomes the order of things.

Clarity and profound understanding are never compromised in the slightest.

It's rather "urgent" , you might say  ...  " Absolutely"

Beau Shelby


The Miles Davis Group ...FABULOUS!