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Beau Shelby

Dear Physical Body,
I love you because in you is the place where I reside and have never been denied even once , no matter what the demand.
Bear with me as I attempt to give back the very best of me everyday that we're together.



++++++++Deposing Your Greatest Fear+++++++++

Step 1.   Question it:  What if the greatest fear OF your "greatest fear" is that you won't give it any attention and -worse- you will resolve to give it no publicity; neither good bad nor in-between?




#PlainlyStated - African-Americans who actively seek a "place" in discriminating against other African-Americans are worst of all because those who are affected by it don't challenge it as vigorously as , perhaps , racial discrimination inflicted by someone of a different ethnic background.
In the justice system , it begins at the lowest level and extends all the way up to the top to include Judges and Administrators far more often than we may realize.
It's the perfect ploy for achieving the same brutal dominance without the political fallout associated with more direct forms of engagement by persons of another ethnicity.
"Get a BLACK GUY to do it"
I think it's time to target the issue and do something about it.