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Beau Shelby

Why I don't play slide ...

I get the question "do you play slide?"  more often than you would think , seeing as how I've NEVER USED one on a recording or during a single live performance ...EVER!!!-lol

Music is every bit as much an appetite as the one that we all associate with food.

Viewing it that way , it's easy to see how many of every musician's personal choices like whether or not to use a slide or a certain reed (woodwinds) is gonna vary about the same amount as people who have pickle relish with their meals.

Why in the world would anyone (other than @David Letterman, anyways) walk around quizzing random diners about whether they're having pickle relish or not?

For me , it's the same with music  ... I simply will not "demand" that another musician add certain non-essential things to their instrument just because I had the thought or happen to like the sound of some silly gadget they prefer not to use.

Comprende?  ...Of course you do.

#Carry On