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Everyone knows that an Attorney is a Lawyer, right?

So why is it necessary for them to be refferred to as Attorney's "at law" ?

Is there some concern we might mistake them for being elsewhere, perhaps "at sea", "at bay", "at attention" or even "at bat" ?

Just don't understand why this degree of specification is necessary.

Do you?

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We are a Music company founded in 2012 

Our company strives for excellence and the end goal of leaving audiences with a memorable experience.
Company Overview
Our focus is none other than the Art of Music in general but will occasionally feature content that has a significant impact on the lives of those who are involved in music on a professional level whether they are Independent or Major label affiliates.
The Arranging and Live Production that goes into a performance is always truly original.
Artists We Also Like
Quincy Jones , Larry Carlton , Marcus Miller , Fourplay , Larry Graham , Chaka Khan , Herbie Hancock, YellowJackets