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 There Are 2,073,600 Minutes In A Presidential Term.

It is my understanding that the ability to employ strong sub textual inferences that may serve as conclusive direct references is a time honored tradition in the "Gentleman's game" (if you will) of Presidential debate.

Some may argue whether that's of any significance whatsoever.

More than anything, it's a telling gauge of a potential Presidents' ability to think and act from a position of fortitude, preparedness and circumspect in the face of numerous difficult challenges inherent to the task of serving ones Country in that capacity.

I suppose it could be summed up as follows: You DO NOT want anyone in the most powerful seat of Office in the world who demonstrates and openly advertises that they've only recently been "coached" on how to handle a limited number of past occurrences in only ONE SPECIFIC WAY and for JUST 90 MINUTES.

Therefore it would serve us well at the voting booth to remember:

  • The everyday challenges of administering ones duty as President does not come with a *magical* coaching formula, otherwise Presidents could just sit back and be told -VERBATIM-what to think and say by someone else.

Unfortunately, that would render their authority to only being a proxy or figurehead at best.

We just experienced 8 grueling years of that ... it's where a great many of our current problems came from.  Hmmm .

  • There are 2,073,600 minutes in a Presidential term WITHOUT the benefit or even the existence such coaching REALISTICALLY available at the true speed and intensity of REAL LIFE!


Isn't that where we REALLY live day to day?   ……No?

Beau Shelby

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