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Beau Shelby

Punch In ... A Working Musician's Blog

Punch In: My orientation to jazz came about very naturally ... I H-A-T-E-D what I was being told to believe was the "greatest" music in the world because the "clip art " examples they would most often associate with this magnificent music were far from the best that jazz has to offer.-lol
So , I put it off for a while until I was maybe 17 or so and eventually got my first REAL job ( a night job) where I couldn't play very often so the only way I could stay on top of my game was to spend every free moment learning and practicing all the theory I could get ahold of and internalizing it VERY FAST!
The more I applied it when learning song lists and stuff , the more natural it felt using figure bass formula's , modes and so on became second nature to set things up a certain way and to JUST the right extent that it was almost effortless to do under pressure. ***T-H-E-N*** ... I came across a brand new , unopened 8 track copy of the Miles Davis classic Bitches Brew.
I understood jazz P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y from the first chorus of the first song.
The 8 track vanished a few days later just as mysteriously as it had appeared in the first place and I haven't heard a SINGLE NOTE of it since , but , I never forgot ...Miles made it clear.
Next came John Coltrane , The Crusaders , Steely Dan's "Aja" , The Manhattan Transfer a whole slew of retro George Benson ...ENDLESS.
I became the "Cookie Monster" of Music for at least the next 20 yrs. or so. :)