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Beau Shelby

I Love Breathing.

Breathing is awesome!
I love doing it.
I do it quite often because of its' many obvious benefits.
In fact , I can't remember a day in my life that I didn't enjoy breathing as much as possible.
It's also very addictive so , I don't think I'l

l ever stop while I'm living and I offer no apology for that to anyone great or small , sorry.

Oh- and I've never gotten a bill for it, either.
At one point I thought surely it would happen.
I mean , nothing this good could be "free" ...could it?
Playfully , I "looked for them to come" one day -most likely via the mailbox.
40 years later , I still haven't tracked the SOLE provider and source in person.

But, looking at this picture , I can sure tell where he's been and I'm "ON IT" trying to catch up and , at least , say "thank you" ... EVERYDAY.

©2012 Beau Shelby
Photo: Copyright- Arte Corazon y Vida