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Beau Shelby

Anti-Musician Stalking via GPS is rampant in Saint Louis.

Look for what's known as a "Low-Jack" magnetically attached underneath a bumper or similar area of a vehicle ... They're small and they hang there , un-noticed , just like a spare key box.

LOCAL BAR OWNERS AND THEIR ASSOCIATES are the ones that I'm personally aware of using them frequently (finding more than one of them is "frequent" enough,eh? ) and I had doubts as to whether they constituted an "actionable cause" in a court of law ,but now , I'm assured.

My peers -The Musicians- deserve the benefit of my presence whether I'm actively performing or not and it's a shame that the mentality of a by-gone era is soo 'currently predominant" in the area of entertainment that it doesn't allow a person to give of themselves freely in support of their comrades and to do so without fear of harm.

As a result of discovering this I've been far less likely to visit ANY of them in support of the musicians/bands who I think truly deserve that support and that's the REAL crime.

There are not that many of us left despite the presence of dozens and dozens of "so-called" musicians , young and old, cluttering stages across the city year round.

Like any other professional endeavor , there are those musicians with unquestionable talent and relevance who have requirements as to the nature of their services in general and with regard to how and under what conditions they will offer those services and so forth.

These professional stipulations are the result of our collective experiences and wisdom for the most part and should always be a part of any negotiation for services rendered.

Local bar owners , vendors AND PROMOTERS have long since joined together in an effort to circumvent all negotiation with music professionals whatsoever , opting instead to dictate every detail of a performers presence -including the particular individuals who will be onstage , forcing performers to rely on THEIR sound system , badmouthing the performers to the patrons who come to see them in order to kill their following and so on.

Any of the local *FESTIVALS* !?!?

Those are even worse than the bars and clubs.

It's an outright HOSTILE SHOW OF FORCE on the part of these intimidating bar owners and their bedfellows , the "promoters" , to say the least.

Why do I believe that ?

Fact: It's the SAME PEOPLE! , only en mass and with perhaps a quarter $Million dollars or so worth of "sponsors" who are: 1. Monetarily aiding and abetting their aggressive hostility , including the use of laptop computers and smart phones to commit GANG STALKING and BIAS INTIMIDATION towards the music community as a whole.

2. Condoning and encouraging their arrogance. Now, I'm not a legal expert but that smacks of "incitement" for openers.

Last , but , not least: NONE OF THE ABOVE is either "festive" or "musical" in any way whatsoever for the people who are counted on to make it happen ... My comrades , The Musicians.

Including the one held last week , I wouldn't attend any of these sponsored festival events ...ANY OF THEM! , no matter how many bands they have and whether they're free or not , unless and until something is done to bring about a change for the better.

So, there you have it ... We , The Musicians , make them TENS OF MILLIONS in revenue and they throw us pennies on the dirty sidewalk.

That is , unless you're from Chicago, Illinois , Memphis, Tennessee or any of the other cities we're currently "subsidizing" without knowing it. (:-/