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Beau Shelby

Happy Birthday Julian Cannonbal Adderley


Undisputed master though he was , Cannonball comes across to me as being like a 3 year old who just discovered ice cream and is next in line to get some of it.

R.I.P. Joe Sample


Equally blessed are those who felt the love that he poured into his craft and those who had the distinct pleasure of knowing him personally.



No matter how "ferociously entitled" or "soothingly-soft-soaped" it presents itself...(read more)

It's Never Too Soon To Give Up On A Bad Idea


Musicians Advice.- I don't offer it very often, but , here goes:

It's Never Too Soon To Give Up On A Bad Idea (Musically Speaking) read more...


I don't give it often , but , here goes:

It's never too soon to give up on a bad idea (Musically speaking).#MusiciansAdvice

I don't give it often , but , here goes:

It's never too soon to give up on a bad idea (Musically speaking).
This is especially true of Drummers and Bassists since they handle such a critical role in keeping the heart of the music alive, but , NO ONE ELSE is excluded either, sorry.-lol
I don't care how much you planned on being "hot" by playing certain flashy things or playing a certain way in general , if it's not "locking" , you need to PARK IT----RIGHT AWAY!!! and move on *with* the music instead of being against it...PERIOD!
Here are some examples:
1.Forcing sloppy Motown beats onto songs that require a lot more precision and clarity in order to unfold correctly.
2.Forcing a hip-hop lag onto every song you play for the WHOLE SHOW or any one song where it's totally NOT CALLED FOR.
3.Citing a bunch of legalism and political history in "defense" of any of the above. Remember: You're there to make music , not to re-enact "The Trial Of The Century" , aight?
When you meet up with other players , be mindful that there's an unseen "circle" you've become a part of once it's assembled and that you shouldn't disrespect it by bringing anything into it that is foreign or discordant in anyway.


Beau Shelby

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Remembering Michael


We must never forget the following premise: ....

Maya Angelou-Simple Things That Gave Us Wings


To Maya:Look at how far we've flown together without even realizing that you've taught us to do such a thing.-Beau Shelby

A Salute to Bessie Coleman , First In Flight


Before today I knew nothing of Bessie Coleman despite being an avid reader and appreciator of history.
While I'm working to find out more about this fascinating woman's life and achievements , enjoy this video. - Beau Shelby

The Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary


We express our heartfelt condolences to the families of everyone impacted by this sad occasion.

We hold them all in our thoughts and prayers at this time and pray that their healing is soon to begin.

#Random: Hot Sauce!


Growing up as small kid , my perception of hot sauce was that it was hurting my face so I never bothered with it.

Now it doesn't bother whatsoever.

Bring on the Buffalo chicken stuff!

Truck Stops


Not quite sure how I feel about actually knowing all the best truck stops to eat at ....

What I'm Most Thankful Beau Shelby


#ImThankfulFor ... The breath that I breathe and the inarguable certainty of kinship between myself and every other human that ever lived or -ever will-because of our co-dependence on the one and only source of that breath.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my fans and friends who've been nothing less than inspiring (though sometimes silent) and also indulgent  as I blazed a trail unknown before me with as much love , humor and enthusiasm as thought would not kill you from sheer enjoyment.

There are 2,073,600 Mins.To a President's Term


You DO NOT want anyone in the most powerful seat of office in the world who demonstrates ...they've only recently been "coached"on handling a limited number of PAST and otherwise conjectural issues for JUST 90 MINUTES

Why I don't play slide ...


I get the question " do you play slide" more often than you would think , seeing as how I've NEVER USED  one on a recording or during a single live performance ....EVER!-lol

I Love Breathing.


Breathing is awesome!
I love doing it.
I do it quite often because of its' many obvious benefits.
In fact , I can't remember a day in my life that I didn't enjoy breathing as much as possible.
It's also very addictive so , I don't think I'l

l ever stop while I'm living and I offer no apology for that to anyone great or small , sorry.

Oh- and I've never gotten a bill for it, either.
At one point I thought surely it would happen.
I mean , nothing this good could be "free" ...could it?
Playfully , I "looked for them to come" one day -most likely via the mailbox.
40 years later , I still haven't tracked the SOLE provider and source in person.

But, looking at this picture , I can sure tell where he's been and I'm "ON IT" trying to catch up and , at least , say "thank you" ... EVERYDAY.

©2012 Beau Shelby

Why Obama Won't Listen To You ... EVER! -lol


A sound creation of how the so-called "average Jane or Joe" comes across when they attempt to address President Obama.

Anti-Musician Stalking via GPS is rampant in Saint Louis.


My peers -The Musicians- deserve the benefit of my presence whether I'm actively performing or not and it's a shame that the mentality of a by-gone era is soo 'currently predominant" in St. Louis in the area of entertainment that it doesn't allow a person to give of themselves freely in support of their comrades and to do so without fear of harm.

Lester Leaps In


It all started when I noticed a historical connection between a then-recent album title by featuring ...

Punch In ... A Working Musician's Blog


"...I H-A-T-E-D what I was being told to believe was the "greatest" music in the world because the "clip art " examples they would most often associate with this magnificent music were far from the best that jazz has to offer.-lol..." -Beau Shelby



Everyone knows that an Attorney is a Lawyer, right?

So why is it necessary for them to be refferred to as Attorney's "at law" ?

A good laugh now and then does a body good


Celebrating 25 yrs. of stealthly avoiding that "one" Bossa Nova guitar strum required by "Jazz Police" everywhere!....What an outlaw, huh?-LOL No,REALLY ! Unless it's 1.Specifically called for or requested, or 2. some experimentation reveals it's actually "the" best choice of all the workable ideas you've tried in a given instance, why "go there" !?!?~Beau

Developing Your Own Concept As An Artist


Once you've intuited a crystal clear concept that is all your own the rest is simply a matter of continually developing that concept to its' fullest potential and exploiting it for all it's worth. People who've reached that level of maturity in their endeavors rarely have the slightest interest in "borrowing" or plagiarizing the ideas of others...they're very honest if nothing else,simply too busy picking from their own harvest to get caught up in anything else~Beau Shelby

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